Here is our first blog post where we start off in the winter of 2022 when we took care of 2 boats in the cold and snow. We had a few heaters to manage and while we knew what to do with the red boat, the new blue boat was somewhat of a mystery. How do we most easily get on and off of this big boat? Should we have some dock stairs? What lines on the deck can we move to reduce our clumsiness on this new to us boat? How many through hulls are there again? What needs to be addressed when it’s freezing? These and many more questions flurried around in our heads as the holiday season passed and the ski season was in full swing. I, Mara, am fond of projects and with the boys busy on the slopes I dove into the engine project, see here:

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning all happy and excited and then you remember why you feel that way and you are even more happy and excited? That was me every day that holiday season, I just couldn’t get enough of this boat. I stopped by to visit even when I didn’t need to, like when it snowed a ton right after Christmas. The boat looked like it very well may be in Dutch Harbor as it still said on it’s transom:

Meanwhile, at home, we had no idea what to do with the new MUCH larger pile of sails.

So we gave up and went to Kauai with Mara’s family!

And did some racing with an amazing team on the J-122 Grace, 1st overall in the CSS.

Then it was spring and time to get moving. We sold the Mara to Ned, put in new batteries, got the shower sump pump working, brought the cats down for the first time, and had my high school besties on board for dinner.

Our first Spring outing was during some 6m championships, super fun to see.

We also figured out that 2 almost 4th graders easily fit way up in the dinghy garage.

Lastly, to round out this first post, we polished up the transom and got the hailing port sorted, thanks Prism Graphics.

Whew! Must almost be time for an August vacation? Stay tuned!

Questions? Comments? Thoughts?

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