The Barckert’s Dream Came True in December, 2021

Years ago, there was a really cool boat in the yard Greg wanted me to come see. Greg is around so many boats that when one is neat enough for him to talk about, I pay attention. The boat was called Rocket Science and ever since we saw it that first time when it was about 13 years old, no other boat could compare. When Greg and I met, I had just taken over the boat I was named after from my parents and since then we’d done a ridiculous amount of work on it. We installed a taller carbon Hall spar, carbon chainplates (designed by Paul Bieker), new rudder, new engine mounting blocks, new deck/cabin house core, new companion way, windows, and hatches… we love that boat but we both agreed the only reason we’d ever give it up was if Rocket Science was available.

Fast forward to 2021, I’d been following Jenny and TJ’s adventures and had even sent them a message early in the year saying if they were thinking of selling the boat we’d love to talk. I saw they had shipped the boat back to Anacortes and then WOAH, one day it was listed with a local broker. I immediately talked to Greg who thought I was crazy but my dad and another friend went up to Anacortes with me to see it. That convinced my dad that he was interested too, and he and mom were looking for a reason to sell their J40. The friend who came with us wanted to buy the J40 and it only took a bit more reasoning for Greg to get on board.

We brought the boat home to Seattle on December 16th, a quiet grey day across the straits and into Puget Sound. We unfurled the jib and motor sailed home, a quick trip that ended with friends and family meeting us on the dock.

Pulling Rocket Science into Shilshole for the first time, thanks to Kay for the photo. Greg pulled past the slip then backed it in like the pro he is.