The cost of freedom

As most of you know, we’re planning a westbound transat this winter. For only the 2nd time since 1992, I’ll be someplace other than at sea in Alaska in the middle of winter, preferring to spend a couple of months in the Caribbean on our way to Seattle instead.

I’m not sure if I’m going to have enough time off to bring RS to Seattle on her own bottom, so trucking her may be something that we undertake.

Put it all together, and it’s going to be an expensive proposition any way we do it. So, I’m working more this year-a lot more, as a matter of fact.

I left home on January 2 this year, and have been home precisely 6 days since then, having undertaken a short stint running the 210′ ‘Northern Glacier’, in addition to my normal schedule on the Constellation.

All work and no play isn’t much fun. But, that’ll come later. In the meantime, the fishing continues!

Jenny and I are both really looking forward to a Med mini-cruise this summer, though. I have it on pretty good authority that she likes having me around.

Occasionally, we encounter folks on the dock who seem just a touch resentful that we can go world cruising at our relatively young ages. It always makes me smile just a little. I guess nobody gets to see the effort that goes into making it all happen.

Kudos to Jenny for keeping everything together on the home front during my extended absence, too.

2 thoughts on “The cost of freedom

  1. Tina Pugh

    Hello Jenny, TJ and of course Mr B. It’s Tina from Puffin we met in La Linea. I am sorry to hear the comments from some very small minded individuals who need to get a life, or take a long walk off a very short pontoon. Steven and I are always delighted to see young people doing their thing, and wished our own children were not in the rat race, you know the one. However, I wanted to ask was RS in good order when you returned as we had some terrible winds just after you left. We kept an eye, but there must have been a few weeks inbetween us leaving and you arriving. I very much hope you enjoy you mini cruise, so many places to visit our friend keep us updated sailing around there. TJ, I know you are well connected but I have a professional sailor friend who is based in Anapolis with a boat yerd etc, who would certainly consider a boat delivery for you. We would also help out. If it would save some money and she would be in good hands. Jenny, I remember you were going back to surprise your step father, I remember the last time i did that they nearly had a heart attack, so I sincerely hope it all went very well. Good luck, fair winds happy days.

  2. Marilee Jensen

    Good for you TJ and Jenny. I am so proud of all you have accomplished not that I had anything to do with it but you have made us all proud. Enjoy your time together. I only wish Clyde and I had been as courageous and adventurous as the two of you. Love you both. Aunt Marilee


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