Spring 2023, Back in the Water

Ned of the Mara helped us bring Rocket Science through the locks after launching and fueling up in Ballard with the best deal in town on diesel. Thanks Ned! The last weekend in April was perfect for sailing, we took our friends Dan and Wendy out for a spin and only Griffin took pictures so […]

Sailing Into 2023

September 1st we took our fellow tall people, the Miksis family out for a dinner and sail. Later this fall in November we’re going with them to charter a boat in the British Virgin Islands and they’re not sailors so we thought getting them out on the water with us was a good idea. They […]

August Cruise 2022

It’s weird getting a new to us boat ready to spend a month on, but then it’s not like we’re without resources. This year my parents were taking their former boat, the J40 Tula, since her new owner was in Antarctica at McMurdo station still. They had our great family friend Kay along who they’ve […]