The boat came with 2 installed panels on the dodger and a 2 extras but it’s time for an overhaul and more opportunities for watts from that golden orb. We have loved being able to fold back the bimini whenever we want to see the sails while driving so we’re keeping that clear of panels. Somebody has been doing lots of researching and planning:

This is ALL Greg’s work. He’s been studying and calculating solar systems for a long time now and I think we’re getting close. The action on this is really happening because the Starlink Starmount needs a place to live that’s not in the way of future panels. He’s measured all the surfaces many times and been totally lost in thought about the “ideal system”. I snuck the above photo of what may be the or close to the final plan and some of the brochures he’s been going through.

We’re not planning on being big energy hogs, we don’t have a huge demand now and no plans to install big amp consumers… except the Starlink? But the Starmount system switched it to DC, so maybe that’s okay. We just need to run the fridge, freezer, water maker and instruments as needed.

Stay tuned for how it all turns out.

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