On our trip from Sardinia back to Spain we brought along our friends Elena and Ryan. They have a fabulous YouTube channel called Sailing Kittiwake. They made this great video of our trip together.

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  1. First of all, what a fabulously made video! Good job. Second, what a wonderful boat Rocket Science is, perfect cruiser and home. It is set up beautifully. Lastly, I so enjoyed seeing that the boy that we met in Panama has turned into a very competent, capable man. Beautiful memories flooded back of our many years of cruising in Captain Musick and St. Elias. Hard to swallow that those days are gone, but so thankful that we were able to have such great experiences following (often beating into) the wind! Thanks for sharing, Cara and Tony

    1. Thanks Cara and Tony! We also love the video. Elena and Ryan have a great talent! It made us think that we need to take more video while sailing and maybe learn how to turn them into a little movie ourselves.

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