Over the fall, we had some opportunity to ponder just where RS should live. We weighed the pros and cons about keeping her in England, but the truth is that the cruising season is really short there, and I typically work well into July each year. We would basically have a month per year to cruise if we kept her over there. She would turn into a little-used dock queen. Couple that with the long flight over and back each time, and it just seemed a bit of a waste.

So, the current plan (this is version 4, rev.6), is to bring the boat to the E. coast of the US, and then stick her on a truck and home port her in Anacortes, WA. She’ll get a lot more use there, being close to home and all. Of course, there’s also some really excellent cruising grounds close at hand. Seems like a winning plan.

I’m writing this from La Palma, our last stop in the Canary islands. We expect to leave Saturday for the Caribbean.

For those of you who don’t have it, we have a tracker aboard, and Jenny also made up a little facebook group to have a look at if you wish.


Stephanie will be joining us on this leg as well. We met her on Lanzarote last year while she was finishing up her Yachtmaster credential, so we’ll have another capable hand aboard for the crossing as well. We had been a bit undecided as to whether or not we wanted to sail doublehanded, but in the end the prospect of a lot more sleep and good company won the day. Welcome, Steph.

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