They call me Moose

Hi people! My name is Moose. At least that’s what my humans call me. I was born in a place called Fresno, California. My humans there didn’t want me, and they made me live on the streets with my sister. Maybe that is why I still prefer being outside rather than inside.

One day some humans chased and caught me. They stuck me in a cage. I did not like that so much. I heard them saying it was for my own good, because I didn’t have all my puppy shots. But I still didn’t like it. Being in a cage 24/7 is so boring!

One day they sent me away from that place. They talked about how I would probably find my fur-ever home in the Pacific Northwest. I didn’t know anything about the Pacific Northwest. It all sounded very scary to me. It was a long trip, and when I arrived I was still not allowed to live outside my cage. So I waited and hoped that one day things would get better.

One morning a lady came and put me in a box that was even smaller than my cage! She drove me around in one of those loud machines the humans seem to like. I was really anxious and scared. When we arrived there were even more humans. This one lady picked me up and held me really tight and petted me. There was also a man, and he seemed nice and held me too! I was a little self-conscious, because I was so greasy and stinky. But those new humans didn’t seem to mind. They took me with them. We rode in one of those loud machines again, but this time I got to sit in the front on the lady’s lap. That was so comfy I fell asleep and dreamed about hunting some rabbits.

They took me to a place where I don’t have to live in a cage. They put one up in case I want to use it, and it seems nice to sleep there at night. In the daytime I can do whatever I want! They tell me they love me a lot, and then I lick their face. I think they will keep me forever!

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